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Empresas Fonalledas Adapts Amid Pandemic

by Efrén Rodríguez Martínez | January 28, 2022

Plaza Las Américas, Plaza Del Caribe Tenant Mix Continues Changing

The tenant mix at the largest shopping center in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico’s Plaza Las Américas, as well as that in the biggest mall in the southern part of the island, Plaza Del Caribe in Ponce, has been changing at a faster pace than usual amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with their developer, Empresas Fonalledas, incorporating new and known eateries and retail locales that complement the anchor stores at both major malls. “At Plaza Las Américas, we continue to work with the same tenant mix strategy that was established since its opening more than 50 years ago: attracting the widest variety of fashion, food, and entertainment stores.

The pandemic has affected the speed at which many times contracts were agreed on. The closure of some stores that were affected by the pandemic follows the same pattern of the entire industry and, little by little, new tenants have been identified that support the three pillars of the shopping center,” Rafael Ruiz-Comas, director of Corporate Leasing at Empresas Fonalledas, told Caribbean Business.

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