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Consulting firm expands its operations to assist Act 20/22/60 applicants.

Updated: May 6, 2020


January 11, 2020 | By Rubén A. Gely Ortiz | Benwalt Consulting, Inc.

Miramar Plaza Suite #802 San Juan, PR | +1 (787) 308-6297 |

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Benwalt Consulting, Inc. (Benwalt) is a boutique consulting firm in Puerto Rico dedicated to assisting Act 20/22/60 applicants during their relocation process and business planning in Puerto Rico. Benwalt helps its clients by providing step by step support during initial stages, real estate consulting, arranging for legal, accounting, audit, HR, IT, insurance and other business-related tasks.

The firm was founded by serial entrepreneur, Mr. Christopher Harding, in January 2018 after relocating to the island and perceiving a need for a specialized “project manager” for Act 20/22/60 prospects. Two years later, Benwalt has grown to have a dedicated group of professionals on island working out of a brand-new office located at Miramar Plaza Suite 802 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 1,482 square feet state-of-the-art facility combines an open space architecture with the most technologically advanced features like Interconnected SONOS voice command speakers, Apple TV streaming service conference, and broadband dedicated WiFi among many other technological resources.

The reason behind the success and continued growth of this company is due to its skilled and talented staff. The Executive Director, Rubén A. Gely Ortíz, is regarded as a advocate for Puerto Rico’s Incentive Code and forerunner of international insurance structures in Puerto Rico. Orlando Figueroa Díaz, CPA and the firm’s General Manager joined the company after serving as the lead audit senior for several fortune 500 companies in Puerto Rico. Edwin Montañez Concepción, CPA worked in the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department before joining the firm as our Client Services Manager. Fernando Fornaris Castro handles all marketing and social media related matters for Benwalt Consulting and our clients.

For more information about Benwalt Consulting, please feel free to visit our website at or contact Mr. Rubén A. Gely Ortiz at (787) 308-6297.

Download in PDF here.

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